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Questo sito contiene risorse online e link a siti e materiali che potrai usare per esercitarti, imparare, approfondire e migliorare il tuo inglese.

The more you practise, the more you learn!

Hai dei dubbi sulla grammatica o vuoi fare pratica con esercizi interattivi? Vuoi ampliare il tuo vocabolario?

Do you like watching videos and listening to people from all over the world who are speaking English with friends or on formal occasions?

Read articles in English and carry out some tasks!

 Go deeper into matters!

Learn how to write in English

Find out tips to improve your pronunciation and speaking skills


Practise on all digital devices

Tasks and activities to boost your skills in English and through English

What have we done so far with English and Technology? 

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My vision

I've been teaching  in secondary schools for some years now and I do believe that English is no longer a school subject, it is a powerful means for learners to overcome the local barriers of learning. English is a global language of course, and it encourages and allows us to communicate with people from all over the world. Yet, it is also a tool to help all of us enhance our knowledge, skills and creativity.

This is why, whatever our learning style is and whatever our passions are, English is essential!

Technology can help us in many ways and this website is meant to be a collection of links and activities students of all ages can do to improve their English.

Marina Gardin