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Flipped lesson on Advertising Techniques


School Task – Create an advert and convince your manager it's the one he needs


While you're working as an intern in the Marketing Department of an international company, your manager asks you and your colleague to prepare an advert for a new product they're shortly going to launch.

Prepare the advert using one or more of the advertising techniques we've been talking about in the video and you know by now. Get ready to present your project to your manager with a slideshow (max five slides) which will include the advert. The slides should also emphasise the key points in your project and the techniques. You'll have to explain the reasons of your choice and the the techniques you've chosen.

In the advert: Remember the eye-catchy picture/photo, the slogan and/or copy text and the logo of the company!

In the presentation: Remember your manager will listen to you for two or three minutes, not longer as he's always busy, try and convince him and be ready to answer his questions about your project.

In your slideshow use pictures and key words, not long paragraphs.









Have you prepared an advert or a commercial to be seen in your slide show?





Is there a slogan in your advert?





Can you see the company logo in your advert?





Is there a photo or a short video in your advert/commercial?





Have you used at least one advertising technique?





Have you introduced the topic?





Have you used some of the new words related to advertising techniques?





Have you prepared one slide for each technique you’ve used?





While practicing for your presentation have you kept eye contact with your audience?





Have you thanked the audience and asked if they have any questions for you?

Driverless cars and incredible futures

British chancellor George Osborne announced that driverless lorries will be tested on UK roads. The ‘drivers’ of these 44-tonne vehicles will be computers. Read the article and do the exercises. Then watch the videos and read the exptra materials. What do you think?  State your opinion in a couple of paragraphs.

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